Flat Stomach in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1-

Of course the most obvious steps (and I must say, hardest) is to limit your food intake. I know we all eat when we are bored, this is a big NO, NO! Instead of eating when you are bored, eat when you are hungry. I admit this is painstakingly hard, so best thing to do is distract yourself with something that makes you concentrated or has you moving your hands. When we sit still for a numerous amount of time we long for something to do so unfortunately our brains turn to eating. Another thing I find helpful is brushing your teeth, nobody wants to eat food with a minty mouth. The most sufficient foods for targeting fat are avocado, nuts and seeds, oils, olives and dark CHOCOLATE, plus these are delicious!

Step 2-

I am truly sorry about this one guys, but eliminate gluten from your diet. Gluten is a big contributor to a bloated stomach. I totally understand, giving up gluten is hard. I persist you give it up for a week and see how you feel. Remember, there are many mouth-watering foods that don’t involve gluten.

Step 3-

Try to avoid soft drink and alcohol. In America 20% of daily calories consumed are from soft drink, not to mention the long term effects, diabetes, heart disease and kidney stones to name a few.  Alcohol are just empty calories that contain no beneficial nutrients.

Step 4- Eat more fibre! For every 10 grams of fibre you eat daily your stomach will carry 4% less fat. According to the cancer council you should have:

– at least two serves of wholegrain or wholemeal foods

– at least two serves of fruit daily five serves of vegetables daily including legumes

– aim to get fibre from whole foods rather than dietary fibre supplements, the benefits of fibre may be from the combination of nutrients in food working together.

Step 5-

Now we are at your favourite part, I know this because its mine too… EXERCISE. Instead of going out to a restaurant to meet with friends, go out walking with them. This burns fat, plus you soak up some vitamin D. Another option is to join a gym. In my opinion its best to join with a friend, they will motivate you and make you determined to do your best. You can go for a long run or walk at least once a week. Remember you don’t have to completely exhaust yourself, usually when you do you feel reluctant to return. Just do a bit at your own pace, and have fun with it. Great fat burning exercises are boxing and aerobic kickboxing these especially work on your belly.

Remember, having a flat stomach isn’t everything. Every single one of you are beautiful and I cannot express that enough. Everyone is different and nobody looks the same and that makes you unique. You are not defined by your weight, or your looks. I am going to leave you with a quote from one of my most nostalgic songs by Groove Armada.

‘If everybody looked the same, we’d get tired of looking at each other’-Groove Armada

-Fair for Life